Program of Virtual DEEP-2021 (Nov. 1-6): International Symposium on Deep Earth Exploration and Practices


Because of the influence of the COVID-19, the DEEP-2021 symposium will be held via Zoom Webinar from November 1 to 6, 2021. Thanks to support from scientists in 38 countries, DEEP-2021 will have a plenary session with 19 presentations and 12 specific sessions. More than 200 pre-recording oral presentations and nearly 100 poster presentations will bring you exciting advances in Deep Earth Exploration and Practices. ILP is honored to be a sponsor of DEEP-2021 and will continue our efforts to promote new collaborations in the lithosphere.


You are welcome to visit the DEEP-2021 website and register the symposium. Online virtual oral presentation and poster presentation are available from Oct. 26 to Nov. 10. A quick glance of the scientific program is as follows:

Keynote session. Earth CT: Quo Vadis? Identifying critical areas of the Earth that are still unexplored by deep lithospheric techniques

Session 2. Deep structure and dynamics of the Himalaya-Tibet orogen and global collision zones

Session 3. The structure and evolution of the Eurasia continent and its margins

Session 4. Dynamics of intracontinental deformation

Session 5. Lithosphere structure and its control on Mineral System (Jointly sponsored by ILP TF I - Lithosphere structure and mineral resources)

Session 6. Crust-mantle interaction and deep recycling

Session 7. Lithospheric architecture and deep material probing (Co-sponsored by IGCP 662)

Session 8. Downhole monitoring of geodynamic processes: opportunities and challenges

Session 9. Geohazards and Crust Deformation: Deep-Earth Underground Science and Earthquake Science

Session 10. Geological and surface processes in response to deep earth dynamics

Session 11. New techniques and applications in dense array seismology

Session 12. Illuminating the Deep Earth with EM Geophysics