Edward A. Flinn-Pembroke J. Hart Award

In memory of a lifetime member Dr. Pembroke Hart, who deceased in early 2008, the members of the ILP executive bureau decided to rename its award the Edward A. Flinn-Pembroke J. Hart Award.  

The Flinn-Hart Award is presented by the Bureau of the International Lithosphere Program to an outstanding young scientist for contributions to the solid earth sciences covered by the International Lithosphere Program. It consists of a travel grant and a citation, and aims to encourage the participation of promising young scientists in the Program. Candidates should be younger than 36 years old. Leaders of the ILP Project Teams and Coordinating Committees are invited to make nominations for the Flinn-Hart Award at any time. Nominators should include a letter of nomination and a Curriculum Vitae for each nominee. The selection will be made by the ILP Bureau and the Award will be presented at the annual meeting of the International Lithosphere Program. 

ILP_Call for Flinn-Hart Award 2023

Flinn-Hart Award Winners

2022 Pietro Sternai - Italy

2019 Attila Balazs - Switzerland

2018 Alexander Koptev - Germany/France

2017 Fabio Luca Bonali - Italy

2016 Mojtaba Rajabi - Australia/Iran

2015 Philippe Yamato - France

2012 Manuele Faccenda - Italy/Australia

2011 Magdala Tesauro - Germany/Italy

2010 Dirk Spengler - Japan/Germany

2008 Jolante van Wijk - U.S.A.  

2007 Alan S. Collins - Australia

2000 Michael Bostock - Canada

2000 Chris German - United Kingdom

1999 Evgene Burov - France

1997 Jan-Diederik van Wees - The Netherlands

1995 Daniela Pantosti - Italy

1993 Jean Philippe Avouac - France

1992 Birgit Müller - Germany

1991 Alessandro Tibaldi - Italy